Membership is open to all retired men, irrespective of age.

There is no joining fee or annual membership fee; only a charge of £1.50 for each meeting attended.

The Club membership is currently about 200, with weekly meeting attendances usually in the 90s, sometimes over 100.  The average age of members is 78 (youngest 54, oldest 95).

If you would like to give it a try, just turn up any Thursday morning (except Maundy Thursday, the month of August and the Christmas/New Year period), arriving by 10.20.  You will be booked in as a visitor and given the opportunity to join if you wish.  No prior arrangement is necessary, and you do not need to be introduced or proposed by an existing member.

Your first visit to the Club is free of charge.

Officers and Committee

President:Doug Matthews
Honorary Secretary:Gerald Lang
Program Secretary:George Johnson
Honorary Treasurer:Bill Lott
Deputy Treasurer:Alan Ferguson
Honorary Registrar:Gerald Lang
Assistant Registrar:Bernie Dixon
Committee Member:
Meetings Chairmen:Ed Thompson, Harry Marsh, Jack Perry, Quentin English, John Bowes, Andy Rutherford, George Johnson, Doug Matthews
Hall Manager and Deputy Hall Manager:
Press Officer:
Archivist:Harry Marsh
Pianist and Deputy Pianist:Ron Cave, Doug Matthews
There are also much valued members, too many to name individually, who assist with the projection and audio equipment and the preparation of refreshments in the kitchen and their delivery in the hall.